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Painter & Pastel Artist
54 Sunset Blvd., High Bar Harbor, NJ 08008
website: www.rochelleschaevitz.com

Rachelle works primarily in oils, but she also does work in pastel, charcoal and watercolor.

New York based artist open to commission work. Desire to express the connection between people, places and things. Love of color, light and a sense of the moment.

Artist Education:
MFA 2018, New York Academy of Art
CFA 2016, New York Academy of Art
BFA 1977, Cornell University

Gallery Exhibtions:
MFA Show, NYAA, 2018
Tribeca Ball, NYAA, 2016,2017,2018
Deck The Walls, NYAA 2017,2018
CFA Show NYAA, TriBeca, NY, 2016
Sunflower II, Long Beach Island 2015
Yard Gallery at Montclair Art Museum 2013 and 2012

National Association of Woman Artists