2019 Tour Artists & Galleries > mt burton Gallery featuring Alice Cook and Carol Nussbaum (click here to see more art)

m.t. burton gallery & 19th St. Clay Studio
1819 N.Long Beach Blvd., Surf City
Studio Phone: 609-494-0006
Email: mtburtongallery@gmail.com
Website: www.mtburtongallery.com

Painter Alice Cook and artist Carol Nussbaum will be exhibiting during the tour at mt burton gallery. Alice will be exhibiting inside and Carol's artwork will be on display outside. Come enjoy their work along with those of clay artist, Matt Burton and other artists represented by the gallery.

m.t.burton gallery represents the following artists:
Hayne Bayless – pottery
Marjorie Amon - photography
Posey Bacopoulos - pottery
Lynne Berman - pottery
Jeffie Brewer - sculpture
Matt Burton - pottery, sculpture & painting
Jimmy Clark - pottery
Alice McEnerney Cook - painting
Bruce Dehnert - pottery
Erin Endicott - painting, mixed media
Jeff Filbert - painting
David Gamber- pottery
Barbara Hanselman - jewelry
Bryan Hopkins - pottery
Matthew Hyleck - pottery
David Joy - sculpture
Sandra Kosinski - pottery
Ron Korczynski - pottery
Marvin Levitt - sculpture, paintings
Leigh Taylor Mickelson - sculpture
Brigitte O'Dowd - paintings
Terry Plasket - pottery
Graham Preston - painting
Eric Rempe - pottery
Jodi Schwartz - pottery, sculpture
Collette Smith - pottery
James Steen - painting
Tom White - pottery
Deborah Williams- pottery
Margaret Wozniak - pottery, sculpture
David Wright - pottery
Matthew Yanchuk - pottery