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“Water a Living Being”

Water has always had an emotional and artist influence on me. My most creative ideas have always emerged while swimming or walking on the beach. A creative challenge has been to produce interesting, vivid and colorful images from the clear liquid. Water is colorless, but it is our environment and natural surroundings that are reflected on the water which create my abstract images. Water is always moving, changing and reflecting the world around us. Using a variety of mediums, encaustic painting, photography and textile art, I am trying to convey the connection between water and our manmade surroundings. Even though our coasts are threatened by continued flooding as the sea levels rise each year, people are still drawn to water, a perfect example are all the visitors to LBI each year.

It is by creating images of water patterns that I want to portray how connected we are to this natural resource. In one sense the art can be seen as colorful abstraction or as a way to build a connection to our tangible resource that we need to help preserve. I want people to appreciate our natural resource and find joy and the unexpected in viewing my art. I also want the viewer to think about ways they can help protect and preserve our most important natural resource, water. Our lives will depend on it.

The majority of my work has a water theme, because it continues to amaze me, one day a body of water can be powerful and terrifying and than on another day the same body of water can be calm and beautiful. Water has always been healing, and it heightens my senses giving me a feeling of unlimited possibilities. I can look into the same body of water day after day and never see the same thing twice.

Water is life and we have an obligation to protect it, now and in the future.

Pool Reflection
Pool Reflection