2018 LBI Artists Open Studio Tour > Franny Andahazy, Solace Gallery (click here to see more art)

Oils & Acrylics

Solace Studio and Gallery
2312 Long Beach Blvd.
Surf City, NJ 08008
Gallery Phone: 609-848-9702
Appointments: 617-875-5826

Franny Andahazy is a painter who opened a new studio and gallery in Surf City last year. Her medium is both oils and acrylics.
There will be visiting artists displaying their work from the Boston area during the tour again this year: Jen Kelly, Nancy Colella, Nancy Jaye, Laura Harvey and Joe Marinelli.

Franny Andahazy:
“My painting is a direct result of influences from many years of theatrical painting in which bold colors, strong compositions, and alternative points of view are a focus. I approach painting very methodically with many drawings beforehand,
often creating a selection of compositions until I find one that captures me. I consider palette colors, under paint, canvas sizes and think through a plan. I believe this is important to a good painting. My painting then emerges based on my emotional response to my subject, within a specialized environment. This may result in many levels of finish in my work depending on the mood of the environment. The real fun comes in the “act of painting,” often changing my plan and the end result often surprises me.”