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Cordasco Studio
5505 Holly Avenue
Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008

James Cordasco is a Harvey Cedars Artist & Architect.
He started painting at an early age, and continued to paint throughout his architectural and design career. As an artist, he has found special inspiration in the natural beauty at his home of Harvey Cedars, Long Beach Island, NJ. His architectural training has given him an eye for design and a sense of beauty which are evident in his paintings. His early paintings are representational and his later paintings are contemporary and abstract.
As a contemporary painter, his paintings show creativity, feeling and inspiration that suggests a regions distinctive character and sense of place.His contemporary and abstract paintings are an innovative outlook on rhythm, color, structural order and form.

He will show how a painting is conceived and put on canvas. How fine art is for enjoyment and also an investment, and the difference between original art and a giclee print.

ARTIST STATEMENT by James Cordasco
I am constantly influenced by my environment. I see and perceive my surroundings and things happening of my time. With my cognitive ability, I can see changes happening around me. My contemporary art builds off of these changes and of previous art and times of art and architecture. Both art and architecture depends on history, and that is why my objective is not to do something completely new, but something different. My art is about things that I admire, my life, my surroundings, and my profession as an architect, and as an artist.
I have moved past the repetitious paintings of realism and traditional art of the past. With the advent of photography and computer art, painting has changed forever. My contemporary & abstract art is a reflection of this change.

A Contemporary Artist, also an Architect, Professional Planner, Designer and Teacher. He started painting at an early age, and continued to paint throughout his architectural and design career. He was first introduced to art and painting in 1948 as a youngster at the "Newark Museum", and he continued to paint ever since. His architectural schooling was at "The Institute of Design and Construction", Brooklyn, NY, where he was instructed by renowned artists and architects in sketching, perspective and rendering. After passing the architectural registration examination at "Yale University" in 1966, he started his architectural practice, and as an Architect, he designed many buildings of significance in which he endeavored to include art with architecture. With his intellectual knowledge of art and architecture, he was appointed as an Adjunct Professor at the "New Jersey Institute of Technology", Newark, NJ. in the 1970’s.