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Glass Artist

SwellColors Glass Studio and Art Gallery
1715 Long Beach Blvd., Surf City,NJ 08008
Phone: 609-494-7600
Email: mary@swellcolors.com
Website: www.swellcolors.com
SwellColors is open daily from 10-5.

In May of 2007, she opened SwellColors Glass Studio & local Art Gallery which features artwork, a working studio and classes for children and adults. They will offer bead making demonstrations during the tour and will have many works on display and in progress. .
I gain most of the inspirations for my artwork from waves of energy, dynamic colors, and rhythms experienced in nature. I choose to express how that makes me feel through glass, a medium which constantly changes. The more I work with glass the more I come to appreciate life and the currents making everything flow together. Glass, like life, is easy to appreciate on a sunny day, in the warm sunshine. However, I’ve come to understand that the real beauty of glass is not just on the sunny days. It is those days of low pressure, rain, and cold when things seem so dreary that glass provides texture, reflection, and deep thoughtful tones.

Mary Tantillo was born and raised on Long Beach Island. Wildly creative from birth, she has always been inspired by the soul-touching surf. After earning a BA at the University of Miami and an MA at the University of Georgia, she became seriously intrigued with glass and surfing while living on the Left Coast, in Santa Cruz, CA where she trained at Kiss My Glass. She returned to New Jersey in 2001 to launch SwellColors. In 2006, she organized the First Annual Artists’ Open Studio Tour on Long Beach Island (www.lbiartists.com). This tour is an extension of Mary’s commitment to expanding our cultural community.

In addition to designing custom stained glass and mosaics, Mary has created her own line of jewelry called Beach Baby Beads. The jewelry line incorporates her love of surfing and travelling with her love of glass art as she carefully infuses each bead with sand from favorite beaches and surf breaks around the globe. The jewelry can be found in fine galleries and retail shops in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, as well as throughout the U.S.
In the past four years, Mary has completed over 100 commissioned pieces for private residences in stained glass, mosaics, and fused glass. Mary’s stained glass artwork is currently represented at Oceanside Gallery, in Hull, MA, m.t.Burton Gallery, in Surf City, NJ, Aragorn’s Studio,Tortola, BVI, and The NJ Surf Museum at the Tuckerton Seaport.
In July 2010, Mary completed the “100 Waves of Summer“series. This four years in-the-making project features original, limited edition, wave designs representing each day of summer. The waves represent Mary’s personal appreciation for the energy, the cycles, and the currents that move her soul and paths in life.